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Online Payments
Please note that any payment made through this website relates only to payment of Parking Charge Notices. Once payment of a Parking Charge Notice has been made, any request for a refund must be made in writing within 7 days of payment. When making such an appeal we can only process your correspondence if you enclose:

For your security we do not store or share users credit card details with third parties.

The Parking Charge Notice number, Vehicle Registration number and your full postal address. (Please ensure to enclose a stamped self addressed envelope)

All assessments relating to Parking Charge Notices are corresponded via post through our Appeals Department, Parkshield, PO Box 320 Stockport SK7 0FP, or online via www.parkingenforcementagency.org

Please ensure to state the grounds upon which the refund is requested. If the Parking Charge is disputed, the decision will be based upon an evaluation of the available evidence you provided. Therefore please include any evidence that you wish to use in support of your representation.