Postal Order

Postal Order Payments

We do accept Postal Order payments, but please be aware that the payment will take longer to process, and payments are not automatically allocated to PCNs on our system, this is a manual process. Postal Orders can not be refunded, if you have sent a Postal Order for a PCN which was subsequently cancelled, the Postal order will get banked, and any refunds will have to be requested via email to

For these reasons, we prefer that you pay via online payment or telephone payment to ensure no issues with your payment being made and allocated automatically to the correct PCN on our system.
Please complete the tear-off portion of the PCN and enclose your Postal Order.

Postal Orders should be made payable to “Parkshield Collection Limited” and clearly marked with the PCN number and vehicle registration on the reverse.

Please forward the Postal Order along with the tear-off portion of the notice to;

Payments Dept.

PO Box 320

Receipts will only be issued if a stamped addressed envelope or an email address is provided.

As we cannot accept responsibility for payments not received at our offices we suggest that you send your postal payments by Recorded Delivery. This can be done from any post office and ensures that you can confirm the date that the payment was delivered.